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Juvio - live tech support for your PC or MAC, for all of your software and peripherals such as PDAs and digital cameras. Juvio works to ensure that your entire system functions without excuses or delays.

No more waiting on hold. No more confusing email FAQ. If something isn’t working as it should, call Juvio 24 hours a day - 7 days a week and Juvio can help you fix the problem immediately. A live technician will stay with you all the way walking you through the repair. Juvio has experts in every type of hardware and software available. Juvio's professionals are skilled communicators who will assist you in plain English, not techno-jargon that you can’t understand.

Working from the high-technology test labs and software support center staffed with some of the leading technical gurus, Juvio ensures that Juvio members get the highest level of service possible. Despite manufacturer excuses, all of your various technologies can and must function seamlessly together. Juvio cure the inevitable conflicts that can cost you lost time, lost money, lost data, and that bitter frustration that comes with having the problem in the first place. Juvio members enjoy unlimited live access to technicians for an unheard of low monthly fee. Access Juvio via their toll-free telephone number, through email, or by Instant Messaging.

Traditional manufacturer tech support is myopic, at best. Their service is generally focused upon time-costs rather than providing you with optimal service. Their goal has been to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, usually by blaming someone else’s product for your problem, or providing the quickest (and never the best) solution. This approach to customer service only proves to complicate the problem further and can end without fixing the problem at all! What with the increasing news reporting “downsizing” and “streamlining”, some product manufacturers are even actually reducing this level of support blaming it as not being cost effective!

With Juvio on guard, day or night, you are insured against failure and can rest easy knowing that help is only a phone call away. Juvio experts work unrushed, in an untimed environment, thereby allowing them to tender optimal service to you…the customer.

Juvio never sleeps.

Juvio…Leading the Way to the Future!


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